Beet Seed – Grow your own – Part 1

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Beet Seed - Grow your own - Part 1 0 130

how to grow beet seed part 1 greetingsmy name is Hank and I have not paid for seed at the store for almost 10 yearsbecause I grow my own it's April 3rd 2016 springtime here in zone 5 in NorthAmerica and it's time to check the cellar for last year's beets so that Ican replant them and grow seed I would have just left the beets in the groundfrom the previous summer had I been in a warmer climate but herein zone 5 the winter has a chance of reaching nighttime temperatures of 20degrees below zero Fahrenheit or even lowerthis turns beets to mush so to be safe I store them in a cellar you don't have tohave a cellar I have stored beets in a simple hole here in the ground dug witha shovel the hole just needs to be more than three feet deep and covered here inzone 5 anything less than three feet deep usually dies even in my cellar solast year I kept my beets in the same bag as the carrots I grew and looks likethey did well together don't be tempted to grow seed with beets from the storethose are hybrid beets and would not likely produce good seed all of my beets are from heirloom seedsand are open pollinated a person should use at least 12 beets for openpollination anything fewer than 12 could lead to inbreeding and have poor resultsso the more the better I kept my beets in a bird feed bag and folded the topclosed to regulate moisture but most any animal feed bag works fine for this if Ileave my beets exposed in the cellar they get dry through the winter and someof them die so to get started I usually hoe a small trench for the beets waterthe trench to soften the ground and plunge the beets into the wet soil rootdown since beets are wind pollinated you should plant them in two or more rowsnext to each other to increase pollination no matter which way the windblows then I cover the beets with dirt and water them well if your soil hasgood drainage then you should water them every daythis has been part 1 of how to grow beet seed please stay tuned for part 2 I willpost a link to that video in the info section of this video once it hasfinished thanks for watching and happy gardening.

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