Best Metal Detectors For Gold Nuggets (2020)-Comparison Table & Review

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While discovering gold is exceptionally interesting, the journey is likewise a blast.
You’re going to require one of the finest metal detectors for gold nuggets to get genuine outcomes.

this type of detector is perfect for accurate detection of gold nuggets, coins, precious jewelry, and antiques.

Metal detectors for gold, coins, and nuggets searching primarily utilize VLF (Very Low Frequency/ Low Frequency) and PI (Pulse Induction) innovations.

We can identify in between worked gold and natural gold when we talk about identifying gold.

Natural gold is specified as the gold consisted of in the ground from nature, such as gold nuggets and gold sand.

For the detection of gold in general, it is constantly recommended to acquire a detector with a high search frequency. Greater frequency detectors are more conscious of little things.

There are some detectors that have actually been particularly created for gold hunting.they are great at discovering nuggets and precious jewelry or coins made from gold that rest rather deep underground.

Single grains of gold and gold flakes can be discovered in as low as 12 inches of soil; a nugget the size of a match head can be discovered at approx.

A basic function metal detector might not find smaller sized nuggets or gold flakes.

Gold metal detectors might likewise have a couple of various functions, like ground balance changes, which can make finding gold much easier depending upon the various places that you are searching in.
These functions are frequently what makes a gold detector the much better option over a routine metal detector for those who desire a few of those glossy, golden nuggets.

In this post, I’ve listed 8 of the top gold detectors for gold to assist you to make the ideal option for your budget plan and experience.

But First Here is a couple of tips on what to search for buying good gold detector, and a couple of evaluations to assist you to begin shopping. Each brand name evaluated deals you the very best worth with well-rounded prospecting and ideal for any newbie or expert to utilize.

Here are some things to note before buying Golden Metal Detector:

  1. Choose High-Frequency VLF-A Pulse Induction detector will not filter out garbage items. They are likewise less efficient at discovering smaller sized nuggets compared to high-frequency VLF devices. a high-frequency VLF will offer some included tuning functions.
    High-Frequency VLF detectors tend to have the very best discrimination functions, which indicates that they can overlook scrap products that are made from other kinds of metal like iron and steel.
    If your intent is to discover little gold pieces at shallow depths, get yourself a high-frequency VLF detector.
  2. Check the Detector Can Handle High Mineralization– Gold is typically discovered in soil including high levels of mineralization, which can trigger great deals of chatter when utilizing routine detectors.
  3. Get a Detector With Handbook Ground Balance
    Most of the metal detectors for gold and silver will have an automated ground balance, however, not all have a manual ground balance.
    For gold hunters, a manual ground balance is necessary so that you can change and personalize for high levels of mineralization, which then will assist you to filter for iron material.
    Search for a device with both manual and automated ground balance choices and a fairly big coil for higher depth.
    Premium detectors have both manual and automated ground balance modification, which enables them to “neglect” mineralization while preserving good depth.
  4. Know Your Budget-After taking all of these things into factor to consider, then you will have the ability to discover a tool that fits your requirements and your spending plan. Gold metal detectors differ extensively in cost, though no matter what your spending plan is, this guide will note a minimum of one trustworthy choice for you.


Table Of Content

8 of the popular gold detectors

Listed below are 8 of the top gold detectors classified by experience, budget plan, and the kind of target you wish to hunt.

We divided them into three groups:

1-metal detector for beginners

2-Best Mid-Range Gold Detectors

3-Best High-End Gold Detectors

Gold Detectors For Beginners

Gold metal detectors can be pricey, specifically if you require a pulse induction design.

If you’re still not sure if you’re going to like searching for gold and do not wish to invest a great deal of money or are merely keeping a tight spending plan, I recommend you select the less expensive designs.
If you wish to check out metal identifying for the very first time to see if it is the ideal suitable for you, we would suggest purchasing a budget plan design with some pre-set modes or simple setup.

1-Fisher Gold Bug Pro

Fisher bug professional  is a detector that has actually been created with the ability to find treasures in negative weather precisely.

This Detector is a multi-purpose, high effective tool for coin, antiques and nuggets searching on extremely mineralized soils.

Having actually been on the marketplace for several years, this detector has actually currently shown itself to be an extremely capable metal detector for discovering nuggets, specifically in extremely mineralized soils.

Among the very best parts about utilizing the Fisher Pro is its simple functionality, which is not a surprise because it is an item targeted for novices.

With real-time digital ground balancing, the Fisher Pro offers continuous ground condition readouts.

To crown all of it, Fisher professional has an extremely in-depth user’s manual that provides you an uncomplicated time when utilizing it.


The Fisher Gold Bug Pro is a fantastic metal detector for those simply starting, specifically with its light-weight style. When searching for gold, it is developed to provide you the finest outcomes. No matter where you look, you’re never ever going to discover a much better beginner-level gold detector then the Fisher Gold Bug Pro.


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2-Garrett at Gold 

Garrett has actually developed a brand-new design of tool Garrett AT Gold focusing on non-ferrous metal and  nuggets identifying.

The Garrett AT Gold, is the perfect all-terrain tool, specifically when it pertains to spotting in mineralized ground.

When discovering in mineralized premises, the Minelab GPX 5000 and the Garrett AT Gold are 2 of the finest detectors you ought to think about.

Another great feature of the Garrett AT  is that it’s entirely water resistant, so you can utilize it to look for  nuggets while pitching in rivers and creeks.

The Garrett AT  has a great deal of setting alternatives, which are simple to method and for that reason the detector appropriates for both beginner and knowledgeable searchers. it likewise consists of 18kHz frequency for increased detection of precious jewelry, smaller sized  nuggets, antiques, and coins!

When utilized over the extremely mineralized ground, consisted of with the Garrett AT is a handbook and a special Ground Balance Window function to increase the efficiency of the detector.

It can likewise be customized as a purchase, viewing as purchasing the Garrett AT as a bundle plan offers you incredible handle additional add-ons and accessories that choose the maker.


Waterproofing is a requirement for some treasure hunters and the Garrett AT Gold enables you to browse streams and lakes.
The Garrett AT Waterproof Metal Detector is among the most cost effective entry indicate get a good metal detector that will make it a bit simpler to discover gold and a great deal of various things.
The Garrett AT Gold is your supreme go-to gadget if you expensive gold searching on both dry land and shallow freshwaters.

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Best Mid-Range Gold Detectors:

If you are looking for higher-sensitivity gold metal detectors but your budget is limited to buying the expensive detectors, we have selected for you three mid-range detectors that cost less than a thousand dollars.

This 2 detectors are highly sensitive to gold flakes and can handle high mineral levels.

3-Fisher Gold Bug-2


Fisher Bug 2 was launched in 23 years ago however it is still so well-known that individuals enjoy to utilize this detector for gold.
For discovering the smallest gold nuggets, the Fisher Bug 2 is the very best option due to the fact that it is extremely delicate with a 71 kHz operating frequency. The high frequency created to discover likewise big however exceptionally little nuggets in mineralized soil.

It might do not have a few of the advanced functions of it’s more advanced competitors, however the Gold Bug 2 is still reliable in finding little nuggets from excellent depths.

With ultra-high frequencies consisting of the greatest operating frequency on the marketplace, the fisher Bug 2 was produced for discovering gold nuggets with its amazing level of sensitivity.

The fisher Bug 2 likewise includes dust and wetness resistance, iron-discrimination, audio-boost and its ability to operate in mineralized soil with its 3 position mineralization switch.

In addition to its high frequency operation, the Gold Bug 2 has 3 settings for mineralization.

One fast suggestion for the Gold Bug 2 is to make certain you’re searching for gold in shallower locations.

If there’s a drawback to owning a Fisher Gold Bug 2, it’s that its level of sensitivity is in some cases so high, it often has problem with ground conditions that are too mineralized.
If you’re browsing on bedrock in an environment with little nuggets and soil that’s not extremely mineralized, then it’s difficult to discover much better than the Gold Bug 2.

Like numerous other VLF detectors we’ve covered, the Gold Bug 2 isn’t skilled at discovering gold in much deeper depths.

If you’re searching on bedrock in a location with little nuggets and ground that is not extremely mineralized, the Gold Bug 2 is theclear option.

when you’re searching for a gold detector for under $1000 then the Fisher Gold Bug 2 is my prime suggestions. You would be hard-pressed to discover metal detector more popular for gold prospecting than the Gold Bug 2. I would presume to state that the Gold Bug 2 is the most popular gold metal detector of perpetuity, a minimum of for finding nuggets.


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4-White’s Goldmaster GMT

Whites GMT GoldMaster Series is targeted at nuggets searching and this is a more industrialized design of Goldmaster household. White’s make high-quality detectors, and the GMT is definitely a popular one.
The White’s Goldmaster GMT is an especially enjoyable detector to run.
In numerous methods, the White’s GMT is really comparable to the Fisher Gold Bug 2.

The Whites GMT has an adjustable auto-threshold speed and a level of sensitivity variety switch.

White GMT might be really well-known for gold miners around the globe.

In Whites GMT discrimination works just in ‘Iron/non-ferrous metal’ variety.

As you would get out of a gold detector, the GMT has both automated and manual ground balance modes.

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5-Tesoro Lobo SuperTRAQ

Among the top detectors for gold prospecting is the Tesoro Lobo SuperTraq.
Tesoro has actually been making high-quality metal detectors for many years, and the Tesoro Lobo is no gets terrific evaluations for being an outstanding multi-purpose metal detector.

The Tesoro Lobo SuperTRAQ was launched into the marketplace back in 1997, and although it will identify all kinds of metal, it’s main function is to discover nuggets.

Tesoro Lobo Super TRAQ is a quality, a long-lasting metal detector that is not just very accurate however likewise has extremely high performance. It has some splendid functions that enable you to run with really effectively. It creates and sends very low frequency and has a receiver to get the echo of the frequency from a metal body. It is a deep-seeking gold-prospecting device for all capabilities.

Now for my suggestion – if you desire a great well-rounded metal detector, that is quite near to the $700 price mark (depending upon which dealership or seller you get it from) get a Tesoro Lobo Supertraq.

For this terrific cost, the Tesoro Lobo SuperTRAQ is extremely appreciated and is a routine option for great deals of individuals.

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Best High-End Gold Detectors:

For those who are serious about gold prospecting, high-end detectors supply impressive efficiency and depth. They aren’t inexpensive– anticipate to pay $2000 or more– however, can discover nuggets that more affordable designs can’t.

6-Minelab GPZ 7000

If you have a look at the very best ranked metal detectors for gold and after that take a look at the very best of them all, you’ll see the Minelab GPZ 7000 sitting at the top of the variety. The heavyweight champ of metal detectors is the Minelab GPZ 7000.

The GPZ 7000 is Minelab’s newest offering, and it is showing to be an entire brand-new level of metal finding innovation.

The GPZ 7000 is quickly efficient in instantly tracking and properly stabilizing itself to even the most severe ground conditions.
The GPZ 7000 makes finding in these conditions simple, due to its accurate automated ground balance (although there’s likewise a manual mode when you require it).

it has severe depth capability.The inmost you’ll most likely ever get is 1 meter however that would be with the GPZ 7000 and on a large nugget.
To put the depth into point of view, Minelab declares the GPZ 7000 can identify gold approximately 40% much deeper than the GPX 5000 when searching both big and little nuggets.

Another distinguishing characteristic of this detector is its high sound resistance and nowadays its is second to none in regards to this criterion.

The cost isn’t that excellent, we believe the GPZ 7000 is the finest detector offered as you have a lot more depth variety and this one simply has terrific functions.

The Minelab GPZ 7000 is the granddaddy of all gold detectors if your pockets can extend as large as $8,000.


the Minelab GPZ 7000 is costly, heavy and takes some time to find out– however those are all small concerns when you understand the power of this detector.
While rate does not constantly equivalent quality, the GPZ 7000 is quickly the very best gold detector on the customer market.
Even if other detectorists have actually hunted the exact same areas, the GPZ 7000 is most likely to get nuggets that every other detector has actually missed out on.

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7-Minelab GPX 5000

The GPX 5000 sets a brand-new criteria in innovation and functions in metal detectors particularly tuned to seek for gold.

Major detectorists understand that GPX detectors discover nuggets much deeper than ANY other metal detector, in ALL ground conditions.
The formance GPX 5000 can discovering more GOLD than ever before– from sub-gram nuggets to ‘retirement nuggets’ and whatever in between!

For the most effective gold discovering innovation, the best depth and level of sensitivity, in addition to the very best functions and functions offered, the GPX 5000 is a should have.

Functions MPS, DVT & SETA Technology provides to you the most highly sophisticated detector yet, making small tough to hear nuggets more apparent.

NEW enhanced electronic devices, NEW Soil/Timings and a remarkable series of functions integrated with the famous GPX capability to translucent ground mineralization sets a brand-new gold identifying criteria.

With more Timings than ever before, the 8 Timings readily available on the GPX 5000 modification the digital changing and processing of the electronic devices in the detector.
Each Timing has actually been created for maximum efficiency under specific conditions, so it resembles having a various detector each time you pick a brand-new Timing.

The volume is adjustable to fit anybody’s hearing and can even be fine-tuned to ravel the ground sound signals.
You can likewise change the detector, depending upon the kind of ground conditions you are dealing with, providing you the capability to discover those little nuggets with the most highly sophisticated detector.

The hallmark GPX capability to translucent ground mineralization provides you some severe depth benefit over other metal detectors in the market.

Put simply, much of the metal hunters and even professionals concur that this is the most effective gold metal detector ever produced. The Minelab GPX 5000 is best for the person that likes to fiddle around with dials and alter modes.


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If you have experience with metal finding and wish to enhance your searching, you’ll most likely require to sprinkle out on a more costly design– and the XP DEUS is my leading choice.

The XP Deus integrates power, speed, accuracy, lightness, and density that have actually all been accomplished by the elements established for leading-edge innovations.

This combination from XP metal detector includes the maker itself and a WS for cordless audio headphones. You will discover 4 detectors in this one XP Deus device.

The XP DEUS has 10 fundamental programs Basic 1, GM Power, DEUS Fast, Pitch, G-Maxx, Relic, Wet beach, Dry beach, Basic 2 and Gold Field) which are quite for a metal detector.

The XP Deus includes Audio Response, Iron level, Multi tone, Notch, Discrimination, Ground balance, Motion & 4 non-motion modes, Extended discrimination variety, and 9 Pre-configured factory programs.

XP DEUS is compact and light-weight which supplements its is extremely long-lasting and is created to endure the harshest weather. its is likewise enables you to change the operating frequency depending upon the scenario.

There are no wires anywhere– XP Deus utilizes entirely cordless innovations. With the around the world success of the brand-new XP DEUS Wireless metal detector, XP just recently developed a brand-new production center in Southern France to stay up to date with need.

New XP Deus battery charge suffices for hours of constant treasure searching (depending upon the gadget settings).

Another advantage XP Deus uses lacks a doubt the capability to upgrade its software application without any extra expenditures.

An uncommon and extremely intriguing positive method was utilized in XP Deus style– its coil, earphones and control system need to be charged independently, i.e. there are 3 self-governing battery charging systems.
XP Deus Cable USB 3 mini B for concurrently charging the earphone, remote and search coil.
The XP Deus earphones can manage the detector alone, allowing you to go discovering with a much more portable setup (simply 887g).

XP Deus has an entire variety of functions and settings for practically any user’s needs and for any search jobs. If you are not positive, the XP Deus has 10 factories pre-set switch on and go programs for you to utilize so there is no requirement to make changes. It is likewise a complete control system and can run your XP Deus Independently of the remote.
When somebody asks me what my preferred device for all-around metal discovering is I need to tell them everything about the XP Deus.

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Buyers Guide

gold metal detectorWhile discovering gold is extremely amazing, the journey is likewise a blast.
Now, many individuals utilize metal detectors for the enjoyable of looking for treasure.
You can take it with you to the beach or utilize it at the river you never ever understand the number of nuggets you can discover.
It prevails to hear that a detectorist has actually discovered rings and even big pendants made from gold or platinum, or including diamonds that have actually been assessed to be worth countless dollars.

Since it typically comes in extremely little amounts and can just be discovered in extremely mineralized premises, gold is an infamously difficult metal to discover.

The 3 primary classifications metal detectors fall under are land-based coin and relic searching; beach and undersea prospecting and discovering for gold and other rare-earth elements.

By utilizing a gold detector, you are increasing your possibilities of discovering gold, while making the searching experience amazing.

We can differentiate in between worked gold and natural gold when we talk about finding gold.
Natural gold is specified as the gold consisted of in the ground from nature, such as golf nuggets.
By processed gold we indicate gold jewellery and coins.

for gold spotting, you require an unique metal detector that may conserve your time a lot in contrast with other tools.
you’re going to require among the top detectors for nuggets to get genuine outcomes.

Metal detectors for gold, coins and nuggets searching primarily utilize VLF (Very Low Frequency/ Low Frequency) and PI (Pulse Induction) innovations.

You would decide for a system with greater frequency if you are browsing for smaller sized antiques or specks of gold.

Gold-hunting detectors have a greater operating frequency than versatile tools, with higher level of sensitivity to little gold nuggets.

VLF metal detectors can not discover nuggets in extremely mineralized ground and really hot rocks, the typical surrounding of gold nuggets.

There are some tools that have actually been particularly developed for gold searching.
These tools are proficient at managing heavy mineralized premises and are likewise efficient in discovering little nuggets and even the larger, deeper, concealed treasures.
The majority of modern prospecting detectors can identify pieces of gold as little as a half a grain.
Single grains of gold and flakes can be discovered in as low as 12 inches of soil; a nugget the size of a match head can be discovered at approx.

Examine the Detector Can Handle High Mineralization– Gold is typically discovered in soil including high levels of mineralization, which can trigger great deals of chatter when utilizing routine detectors.

Gold metal tools might likewise have a couple of various functions, like ground balance changes, which can make finding gold simpler depending upon the various areas that you are searching in.

You require to comprehend what makes the very best detector for your requirements.

Searching for nuggets in much of the world is totally meaningless since many locations do not have nuggets.

A pulse induction maker is most likely to carry out much better if you’re searching in ground with high levels of mineralization.

The Gold Bug Pro is my leading choice due to its ease-of-use and viability for novices if you do not have any interest in undersea gold prospecting.
if you’re trying to find a flexible detector that can be utilized for gold prospecting, coin shooting, relic searching and even beach searching, then the DEUS can manage practically anything you can toss at it.

, if you are novice and limitation spending plan pick your metal detector from the 3 firts detectors on our evaluations.
While more costly alternatives have extra functions and advanced functions, they basically do the exact same thing– particularly if you do not have the experience to understand how to utilize them.

The XP DEUS is my leading overall choice if you’re a skilled detectorist who is looking to update.


Type Of Metal Detectors

types of metal detectors

There are 2 kinds of detector frequently made use of for gold prospecting: high-frequency VLF and also pulse induction.

Both have their negative aspects and also benefits, so there’s not a “finest” choice for all objectives. Below’s a short review of each kind.

High-Frequency VLF Detectors

You might desire to think about the high-frequency VLF tools if you are looking for a great gadget that provides, however, is not that pricey.
High-Frequency VLF detectors tend to have the very best discrimination functions, which implies that they can disregard scrap products that are made from other kinds of metal like iron and steel.
High-Frequency VLF tools utilize a greater frequency to run, that makes them much better at discovering the smaller sized nugget .
This is why high-frequency VLF tools are much better fit to environments with great deals of garbage products.
While the very best pulse induction designs are outdoors many individuals’ spending plans, high-frequency VLF detectors are typically substantially less expensive.

Pulse Induction Detectors

You require to go with the pulse induction detectors if you desire to increase your chances of discovering gold.
Pulse Induction tools primary strength remains in neglecting the most difficult ground mineral conditions and discovering big  nuggets at severe depths.

While the pulse induction tools are costlier, they are fantastic for victimizing targets and can determine big nuggets buried deep in the ground.
Aside from the rate, pulse induction detectors can not discriminate scrap products. Pulse induction detectors are not created to filter out garbage products.

Pulse induction tools discover it hard to determine sponge gold, which is gold that is not as thick as a typical nugget.


Questions & Answers

What is the distinction in between a metal detector and a gold detector?

Both metal detectors and gold detectors work for tracing metals along with gold. There exist some distinctions in between the 2.
The gold detector is generally valuable to trace natural gold or gold nuggets which are still the same while the metal detector is utilized to find regular metals or gold fashion jewelry which has other metals contributed to.

How deep do most metal detectors go?

How deep can a metal detector discover? A common good quality device can spot 6 to 10 inches listed below the ground for coin-sized items. This extremely depends on lots of aspects.

Can a metal detector discover diamonds?

A metal detector can just identify items that contain metal.
Once again, pearls and gems are not metal and include no metal so they will not be noticeable with a metal detector. You can identify Diamond Rings.

Where is the very best location for metal discover for gold?

A few of the much better-recognized locations consist of Ganes Creek; Mores Creek; much of the waters around Fairbanks; the Fortymile district near the town of Chicken; Anvil Creek at Nome. There are actually numerous locations here that have gold nuggets waiting to be discovered.

Will a low-cost metal detector discover gold?

The short answer is yes; there are metal detectors that can spot gold. Gold, like other metal substances, can be discovered utilizing a metal detector that is enhanced for the conditions where gold is.

Can metal detectors go through concrete?

You must have the ability to identify through the concrete unless there is rebar in it which might be an issue.

Do metal detectors discover gold rings?

All-metal detectors will discover gold however there are various types made that are more delicate to and particularly for gold. If you are entirely interested in finding gold precious jewelry, you will desire to choose a detector made particularly for this function. Some metal detectors are water evidence.

What sort of rock is gold generally discovered in?

Gold is usually discovered in quartz rock. When quartz is discovered in gold bearings locations, it is possible that gold will be discovered. Quartz might be discovered as little stones in river beds or in big joints in hillsides.