Cabbage Seed – Grow your own – Part 1

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Cabbage Seed - Grow your own - Part 1 0 129

how to grow cabbage seed part 1greetings my name is Hank and I have not paid for seed at thestore for almost 10 years because I grow my ownit's April 3rd 2016 springtime here in zone 5 in North America and it's time tocheck the cellar for last year's cabbage so that I can replant them and grow seedI would have just left the cabbage in the ground from the previous summerhad I been in a warmer climate but here in zone 5 the winter has a chance ofreaching nighttime temperatures of 20 degrees below zero Fahrenheit or evenlower this turns cabbage to mush so to be safeI store them in a cellar you don't have to have a cellar I have stored cabbagein a simple hole here in the ground dug with a shovel the hole just needs to bemore than three feet deep and covered here in zone 5 anything less than 3 feetdeep usually dies even in my cellar the cabbage looks a little worse forwear but otherwise ready to grow don't be tempted to grow seed with cabbagefrom the store those are hybrid cabbage and would not likely produce good seedall of my cabbage are from heirloom seeds and are open pollinated a personshould use at least 12 heads of cabbage for open pollination anything fewer than12 could lead to inbreeding and have poor results so the more themerrier so to get started I usually hoe a small trench for the cabbage water thetrench to soften the ground and lay the cabbage down in the wet soil then Icover the roots of the cabbage with dirt and water them if your soil has gooddrainage then you should water them every day onetip I use when growing cabbage for seed is to cut a deep X in the top of thehead this helps the leaves open up and spread and gives the cabbage a headstart on seed production since the cabbage leaves are usually wrapped sotightly that they have trouble opening up on their own after a few days outsidethe cabbage began to get some color to them the leaves turn greener and thehead slowly opens up eventually forming a green bud in the center a bud thatwill become a towering spire of stems and leaves this has been part one of howto grow cabbage seed please stay tuned for part two I will post a link to thatvideo in the info section of this video once it has finished thanks for watchingand happy gardening.

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