Cabbage Seed – Grow Your Own – Part 2

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Cabbage Seed - Grow Your Own - Part 2 0 128

how to grow cabbage seed part 2 welcome back in part one I planted last year's full heads ofcabbage in the ground and they started growing right away making tall stemscovered with leaves and flower buds i watered my cabbage every day and insix weeks they started to bloom week after week they continued to growmore stems and more blooms until there were hundreds of blooms attracting avariety of insects including these honeybees the impressive bouquet of flowers becamefruit which looks a little bit like green beans and after 10 weeks the fruit was so heavy that the stemsbegan falling all over the place this happens every year and i have foundthat looping a rope around each plant helps to hold them up keeping your seedpods out of the mud and in their own row it takes quite a few weeks for the seedpods to mature but once the pods are dried you may remove them from the plantthe dried pods should contain a number of seeds as long as your plants had asuccessful pollination this has been how to grow cabbage seedpart 2 thanks for watching see you next time yeah yeah.

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