DIY Heirloom Seed Vault for Sustainable Garden- Long Term Seed Storage Prepper Seed Bank

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DIY Heirloom Seed Vault for Sustainable Garden- Long Term Seed Storage Prepper Seed Bank 0 123

DIY Heirloom Seed Vault how to store heirloom seeds seed storage bank Dollar Tree seeds why store heirloom seeds for survival gardening non GMO seeds for Preppers garden tips for preppers shop with me Dollar Tree Dollar Tree haul hi it's AlaskaGranny I just got back from a trip to the Dollar Tree where I found seed packets 4 packets for one dollar I was very excited to find varieties of heirloom seeds heirloom seeds produce plants that you can collect and save the seeds and they will sprout again a lot of the modern seeds have been treated or changed or genetically modified or some process has been done to them so when you collect the seeds many times they will not continue to sprout and you cannot continue to save your seeds and plant a garden in the future if you're interested in Prepping and you may want to garden in the future this is a good chance to stock up on heirloom variety seeds for survival gardens or emergency gardening if you want to collect heirloom seeds and you want them to last you need to be sure that you keep them in a cool dry place your packages are just paper and you don't want them to get any moisture in them so you can seal them away in a ziplock bag squeeze out as much air as possible and then seal them up in something like a Christmas tin it's going to help protect your seeds so they'll be viable when you decide to use them Heirloom seeds from the Dollar Tree are just like any standard seed packet the back of the package will give you directions it'll tell you when to plant them how long it takes for them to germinate how deeply to plant them how far apart to space them and how long until you can harvest your seeds so read on the back of your heirloom seed packet pay attention to the little map that shows you the climate and the date to plant for your region of where you live look also on your seeds for the sell-by date so that you know which year they were packed for so that you know you're buying the freshest seeds ever seeds can continue to be stored carefully and last much longer just know that there is a date on there of what year you're expected to use them and plant your seeds for the best results learn more at alaskagranny.

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