How to save bell pepper seed | Collect your own capsicum seeds (Bengali, English)

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How to save bell pepper seed | Collect your own capsicum seeds (Bengali, English) 0 124

Hello, Joydeep here, with another exciting episode on gardening.

In today's episode, I will show you how to collect and save your own bell pepper seeds from a market bought bell pepper, so that you will grow your own bell pepper.

Here I have 2 bell peppers, green and yellow.

Green bell peppers are not yet ripe.

Yellow bell peppers are ripe already and therefore we will collect seeds from ripe bell pepper.

In market, you can also find red color bell peppers which are also ripe and ready for seed collection.

But I find yellow bell pepper interesting in color, so I will collect yellow bell pepper seeds.

I keep aside the green one.

Now I will show you where you will find the seeds.

With this green part, bell pepper is attached to its plant.

Seed pod is inside and attached to this outer green part.

Now, to collect the seeds, I will use a knife to cut bell pepper vertically.

< Too much resistance from the bell pepper 😀 > < But futile was its resistance 😀 > I cut it into two halves Now I will show you where to find the seeds.

As you can see many seeds are attached into the seedpod which is connected to the green part outside.

Hope you can see that so many seeds are there.

Now I simply scratch very gently the seedpod which is holding many seeds.

By doing this, seeds will be detached from the seedpod As you can see seeds have been fallen inside.

Now I will place these seeds on a paper.

Do the same for the other part of the bell pepper and place the remaining seeds on the paper.

We can get some good plants from these many seeds, So these are the bell pepper seeds, very easy to collect and save.

The seeds are big enough to trace.

Now the seeds are needed to be dried naturally before we pack and place in a seed container.

For that we can place them in open air for drying.

After these are dried, you can pack, label and keep the packet away from humidity and direct light.

This method is super easy to collect your own bell pepper seeds for your future bell pepper plant.

Till next gardening video, take care all of you!.

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