How to Save Gourd Seed for Next Season | How-2-Do It Guide Step By Step (Hindi | Urdu)

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How to Save Gourd Seed for Next Season | How-2-Do It Guide Step By Step (Hindi | Urdu) 0 126

How to save gourd seed for next season Friends firstly let’s get aware of the things required for the purpose Saw Newspaper or a big plastic sheet piece Hand gloves A completely dried Bottle Gourd Now to remove seeds first of all spread the newspaper or plastic sheet on ground and if it is breezy then place some weight on corners Now take the saw and start cutting the gourd from topmost tip of it from where it was dangling at the vine After cutting turn the gourd so as to make the seeds to fall on the paper Now we have to separate the waste material from the seeds and clean them as well.

If the gourd is not completely dry from inside then break it completely and keep the collected seeds from it in sunlight to dehydrate/dry them.

Now you can see that seeds are completely dry and free from other organic material After this, the seeds are not to be dried furthermore otherwise their own inner moisture will be removed and they will take more time to sprout while sowing.

Now we have to collect these seeds as per our convenience safely and will sow them at their appropriate time As we have collected the seeds so we will not have to purchase them in next season So by this process, a lot of our money and time will be saved Moreover, these seeds are procured in a natural way without any chemical intervention So these seeds are organic and better in many subtle ways.

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