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john deere lawn tractor

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John Deere X300

The John Deere X300 has actually been holding up great I have built up almost 60 hours since the last evaluation and I have actually had no problems with it yet.

All I related to basic upkeep blade sharpening and changing the oil.

I recently purchased a mulching set for this unit which has actually held up well.

Eachblade gulches individually.

It does a great task on turf and leaves.

Among the features that I still actually like about this mower is the huge 3.

5 Gallon gas tank I can still 5 to 6 lawns at a time which among the function I’m actually happy john Deere thought of.

This good big location to put the gas is really great due to the fact that it avoids spill.

The deck has also be extremely easy to get rid of.

All you need to do is get rid of one pin on each side and then slide it forward.

The belts have actually also held up really good theirs no breaking and ive never had to change the belt.

One thing to note is the washout port on the deck does not seem to work also with the mulching set up since each blade is separate it appears to only get to one side.

When I do these headlights assist a lot you can see whats in front of you very plainly, I rarely ever trim in the dark however.

The mower still constantly starts up all you need to do is put your foot on the brake give it some turn the secret and choke.

It always begins.

I’m currently at 259.

9 hours and this mower is still going strong and I hope to get numerous hours of it.

Because it is a step above your typical yard tractor and its all set to handle the most difficult of yards, I would absolutely still suggest this mower.

Thanks for viewing!

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John Deere X300

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