How To Keep Moose Out Of Your Vegetable Garden

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I made use of to live near Fairbanks, Alaska in a town called North Pole and also loved to garden. The one issue, or among the issues, is maintaining the moose from your yard. Having moose in your garden might feel like an insignificant issue, for exactly what can they do, stomp your garden. Incorrect!

My very first and second year of gardening there, I lost nearly my whole yard in one fast minute from a moose.

The very first year my better half sent me down to the garden to obtain some cauliflower for supper. As I strolled into the garden all my cauliflower was gone, together with the cabbages and lettuce. But the tomatoes as well as potatoes were great. I presumed moose.


I did some exploring as well as found people had success with setting up wire mesh fence around their gardens to keep the moose out.

The Fencing

The next summer, the better half and also I erected a four and also half-foot high wire mesh fence. We assumed that would quit the moose and conserve our yard. Incorrect!

This tie the partner sent me bent on obtain cabbage. Similar to the year before, the only thing left was tomatoes and potatoes. I might not believe that a moose might leap over my 4 and also half-foot fence and also consume my veggies.

The next week I saw just how they did it. The mom moose came to the fence with her babies, and also smoothly stepped over the four and also a half-foot fencing. Fortunate for me, she had already eaten all the vegetables she liked and there was absolutely nothing even more for her to eat.

The Canine Sensor

The next year I did not intend to put up a ten-foot fence, so I maintained the 4 as well as a half-foot fencing up, however likewise got another thing. It was a digital sensing unit that detects activity when movement is detected, it sets off a substitute canine barking.

This worked terrific, I managed to collect all my veggies that year. I even took care of to expand a thirty-five pound cabbage. Tiny by Alaskan standards when they could quickly be expanded to over fifty pounds.

The Greenhouse

My last effort at keeping moose from my garden was to create a greenhouse. This functioned great, also. I generally expanded tomatoes as well as natural herbs inside my greenhouse, which the moose laid off because they could closed the door.

If you stay in a location that has moose as well as you have a garden, you might want to look at a movement sensing unit to keep the moose out of your garden or erect a greenhouse.