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>> Marjory: Hi.

I'm Marjory Wildcraft again, and this timeI'm in California with Farmer John of the Sustainable Seed Company.

One of the things I love about the SustainableSeed Company is, John has spent a lot of time with every variety of seed that he offerson his website.

Go check his website out.

There's an incredible amount of detail aboutevery single plant that he offers, whether it's a good keeper, or whether its somethingyou're going to want to eat fresh, what kind of environments it grows in well and whereit doesn't, and general seed viability.

But today we're going to talk to John a littlebit about three key things that you want to know when you're looking to buy seeds.

Would you say the first thing is that you'regoing to want to get heirloom and open pollenated seeds? Is that? >> John: Generally, most people are lookingto save their seed.

You want to be able to save your seed fromyear to year.

In order to do that, you have to have openpollinated seed, or heirloom.

Heirloom basically means the seed's over 50years of age.

Those terms get a little bit loose with differentpeople, you know, whoever you talk to.

But the idea is it's passed down from onegeneration to the next, and it's done that way because it was delicious.

It was a really, you know, it tasted reallygood, or it stored really well.

You could can it and it still had its firmness.

But open pollinated just simply means thatyou can cross.

It would naturally cross.

And you can save those seeds.

>> Marjory: And when you plant them again,the plant is going to come true.

>> John: It's going to come true, versus hybridobviously takes two different parents.

Sometimes there are four or six differentparents.

But you can't necessarily save that seed andget what you planted originally.

Maybe one out of a hundred, and nobody hasthat kind of time.

>> Marjory: Now when you talked about seeds,you said 50 years.

They're not going to store those seeds for50 years.

Seed viability doesn't really last that long.

You mean that they've been harvesting andcollecting and growing.

But how long can we really expect, if we buysome seeds from you, or from anybody for any of our vegetable seeds, how long should weexpect them to last if we buy seeds.

>> John: Seeds generally, some seeds likeonion seeds, parsnip, that type of stuff, will only last a year.

And that's assuming that someone keeps themin a nice, dry, and cool condition.

And what I mean cool, an ideal temperaturewould be 55 to 65 degrees.

You can definitely, there have been caseswhere people have left it in their basement, and 10-15 years later been able to grow maybe50% of that.

But for the most part, most seeds like corn,beans, beets, those last about five years.

The thing that you have to think about withseeds is that they're a living organism.

It's not a widget.

You can't just put it on the shelf, dust itoff, throw it in the ground and expect it to grow.

A lot of growers are really bad about storingtheir extra seed in their greenhouse, where it's easy to get ahold of, but your greenhousetemperatures get to be 80-90 degrees, and that destroys the living embryo inside.

So it's really important to regrow your seed,if you have a seed bank, or buy more.

>> Marjory: From year to year.

So great.

So the first thing is, we're going to lookfor open pollenated or heirloom seeds, so that way they'll come true year after year.

The second thing is, they're only really goingto be viable on average for about five years.

So you pretty much want to buy what you'regoing to be growing in the next year or two.

And the third thing is, when you store them,you definitely want them in a cool, dry, dark place.

>> John: Correct.

And people use different things to keep themdry.

You can use silica in them, or some peoplejust use powdered milk even.

But you want to kind of keep the moistureaway from them.

You don't want them too wet.

That breaks them down as well.

And sunlight.

Keep them out of the sunlight, obviously.

>> Marjory: They're going to try to grow.

Well, thank you so much, John.

And like I said, go to the Sustainable SeedCompany website.

They have some amazing descriptions, and that'sone of the things I love about it.

And Farmer John here is doing a tremendousamount with his company and ensuring that you get good quality, high purity seeds.

Until we film the next segment, this is MarjoryWildcraft, and you can Grow Your Own Groceries.

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