Lecture 13 saving seed

So we know that for germination, the seed requires moisture, heat and oxygen and as a fourth, some seeds especially fine, small seeds, also require light, like lettuce for instance, but that's not the case with all seeds. But all seeds do need moisture, heat, and...

So When Is The Best Time To Plant Tomatoes?

So When To Plant Tomatoes? we start our tomatoes indoors in mid-March, about 6 weeks before the last frost and 7 to 8 weeks before transplanting into the garden. Though it’s very tempting to start earlier, we’ve found that it doesn’t provide a significant advantage. In early...

19 Perfect Tips How To Growing Tomatoes in Pots.

  19 Perfect Tips How To Growing Tomatoes in Pots. Use Biodegradable Pots Peat pots make planting extra easy: Just dig the hole, put in the plant, and fill in with soil. There's no need to take your plants out of the pot. Feed Them...

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